Creative Industry Practise-Week 3 Moodboard in relation to Workshop

This Mood-board is in relation to my questions which I produced in Class.Ricardo my teacher has arranged some questions which I had to answer.e.g what is your favourite colour as I arranged one image into the Mood-board which has the colour blue.So this task was more to get ideas and inspiration in relation to my logos,business cards,letter heads and letter comb.This Mood-board is quite useful as I can see the creativity of the images.I can see every image very cartoony and that’s my personal style.

For this task I have had some good comments which are:

  • I got inspiration by looking at other people’s work
  • I have looked at other students work which helped me to get ideas
  • By looking at other peoples work,I have learnt how to improve my work.
  • I have got more ideas,to generate a better Mood-board e.g colour,text                                and imagery


C.I.P. Business card,Letter head and Letter Comp-Work-Shop

I have designed a business card,letter comb and letter head for this task as this was required in the brief.Also,I think this task was quite fun and enjoyable as I enjoy designing business cards because I can easily work great on the computer.

I found some of my class mates work really interesting as the logo’s seemed really colourful and simple.They had better work as they used Photoshop and Illustration techniques.However,I have learnt to produce my Mood-board better and creative as   Sunny gave some ideas how to improve my business card.

The key task for this work-shop was to complete a business,letter head and letter comb as this task was to look at other peoples work.This task was quite fun because Sunny literally said my logo is quite simple and has a really lovely pattern,also she liked my business card but she thought to make the outcome a bit simpler and creative by using no flower designs




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