Best Collages- workshop

Progress in relation to the Collage workshop on Friday – At the beginning of the task I wasn’t very sure how to produce a collage because I thought to incorporate a collage into drawings and images which was wrong.This collage is one of my best outcome and I did had some good comments about the colour and shapes.I think I am not proud of the other collage so this is why I didn’t uploaded.I need to work on the other collages and I need make my work better.I will work on the weekend on the other collages just make them better.This collage has a message which is “The Smashing of Southampton”.I had to develop 3 different type of collages.I struggled with the ideas but my teacher gave me ideas which was good and then I came up with my own ideas as some of the other people gave me inspiration in relation to colour,textures,shapes and forms.


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