Creative Industry Practice

Creative Industry Practice-I have answered 6 questions which mentions the relationship of the brief as this was practise and a workshop.

My strength as a visual communicator: I enjoy drawing patterns as I can easily convert them easily digitally .

I am good at drawing logo’s. I am good at problem solving as I can work good as a team.I know how to analyse art work and I am a creative person.When I produce art work I can communicate the right message and idea.

I am good at presentation skills especially in Sketchbooks. I have a naive childish drawing skills which will help me to illustrate future Graphics work. I can work with Graphic Designers as I am working in a print shop with Graphic Designers.I can produce imaginative art work and my art work always looks alternative.I am very positive in relation to my art work.I always want to learn and succeed.

What are my weaknesses?

I am bad at drawing figures.Sometimes I have problems in presenting a digital sketchbook.I have problems in sharing my ideas with other people.I don’t have any confidence in my uni work.

I can’t concentrate when I am at university and I am very forgetful.I am very unorganized and I am bad at listening when the teacher is lecturing.

I am bad at following the instructions when the teacher is lecturing.I don’t have any confidence in my creative skills as sometimes I get worried in my ability to produce a art work very productive and creative.

I get very less motivated when I get a range of different project briefs from uni.I am also very slow in producing my art work.

What is my favourite colour? Blue

What designers do I love and admire? Saul Bass,Paul Rand,David Carson, Paula Sher,Neville Brody,Erik Spiekermann,Josef Muller Brook,William Morris,Hockney,Heinz Edelmann

What work do you enjoy doing? I love to visit Museum’s and Galleries.I like to draw patterns and textiles.I love to attend workshops.I like to meet with friends.I like to draw logo’s traditionally and digitally,I enjoy working with traditionally drawings which I can generate digitally.

What do you want to do in the future?

I want to be a Graphic Designer.I would like to open my own Studio where I can teach students Graphics and Art.I also would like to be a freelancer where I can open my own business as this would really help me to be more productive and confident.

The key elements which I have learnt in this session?

The first thing which we discovered in this session where answering some questions as this was required in the brief.Then we designed some logo’s which were related to the questions and finally we did a quick drawing with our tutor who has given everybody a brilliant idea in relation to logo’s.He gave us a tip ,how to draw logo’s and how we could communicate the message behind a logo.I have learnt a lot about logo’s as by looking at the shape,form,colour and design.I found this lesson pretty good as there were a lot of things which I didn’t even know about myself and other people as this lesson was quite helpful.

I think there are some brilliant ideas in relation to logo’s in the real world but I think I always look at other people’s work and then I shape my own designs.However,most of the same time I design logo’s which look similar as other designers but then I change some of the ideas.In my opinion,I need to be more creative as people who design logo’s earn a lot of money as practitioners design a range of different visual identities as this task was really helpful for me to design something really creative which even could be used in the real world and students need the skills to design visual identities.




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